Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cup Yours

Why open a coffee shop in a neighborhood FULL of mommies with strollers if you don't want them to come inside? Husband and I love to get coffee together in the morning and spend some time talking before he has to go to work. Sometimes we like to break from our usual bakery and go to a slightly fancier cafe style place nearby. Without failing, every single time we go, they see us come in and make a big deal about our stroller and ask if we can leave it outside. Sorry, I'm not going to leave my sleeping baby outside and I'm sure NOT going to wake him up! I should mention too that this is a single bassinet stroller, not a giant double stroller. After we promise them we will stay out of their precious way, they proceed to treat us like shtus and make our time there as uncomfortable as possible. They are clearly trying to keep us "breeders" (as I heard one of the waiters say) out of their restaurant. Which is why my husband and I still go there. Perhaps it's a chance to be a rebel and enjoy delicious coffee at the same time. They are glatt kosher, so I'm really not sure who they are trying to appeal to. It's almost always got a few hipster types inside, who are usually very friendly, but if they didn't want us over breeding Jews to come in, they shouldn't have made it kosher.


  1. Shpitz,

    To be honest any coffee shop who thinks it's okay for a mother to leave her children outside doesn't deserve your money! But good for you and your husband for your quiet rebellion. Perhaps they might change as a result?

  2. I doubt they'll ever change, but it's fun to go annoy them once in a while ;)