Monday, December 8, 2014

A Tale of Two Shpitzys

I received my very first creepy email on here. Yay milestones! The email was supposed to serve as some sort of warning of what I will look like in the future if I keep blogging. Apparently there was another shpitzle blogger a few years ago, who started off with observations about her life and ended up chronicling her whole journey out of the Hasidic life and into a seemingly happier secular one. This mystery emailer included a link to her blog and I was able to read through many, but not all, of her posts and here is why I'm not worried.

Let me start by saying these are all assumptions and I do not know her at all, or even her name actually. This is simply what I gathered from reading her blog. It seems she wasn't ever fully comfortable or happy in the probably- Satmar life she grew up in. While she definitely had happy moments, she didn't seem inherently happy to be living such a life. The fact that she blogged is not what lead to her leaving. It may be one small factor, but it is definitely not the thing that caused her to break out. There were many contributing factors that we will never know and are none of our business.

And I'm not upset or sad or scared that she left Hasidic life. My only hope is that she didn't also shed her belief in G-d. We were not created to be miserable, and I believe that if she has found her true happiness in a secular life then she will be blessed. Many different types of people were created, and this lifestyle is not for everyone. I personally love this life, and while that doesn't mean it's perfect or always easy, it means that I've chosen it for me.

From one shpitzle to another: I am so sorry you were hurt by misguided people and hope your wounds are healing each day. Don't forget that some of us are still really good and will love you in seams or in jeans, doesn't matter! And most importantly don't forget about the One who created you and loves you most of all. I wish you happiness and wholeness that goes beyond this world.

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