Wednesday, January 21, 2015

There Are No Winners

So I got busted for blogging. It's a felony offense in this shtetl and comes with the harsh sentence of listening to a rambling rebbe scold you for 30 minutes, magically not needing to pause for breaths, along with a public shaming and calling in to question wether or not you're actually even Jewish. There was even talk of making me do a geirus lchimroh! Luckily I pleaded with the judge and got my sentenced reduced for good behavior.


I'm back! I won the battle for the blog against my husband and managed to talk him into getting us a computer and a connection so that I won't get caught again in a cafe. Not a lot has been happening since I've last updated, other than nearly getting kicked out of life here. Sometimes I dream of being more involved with the world, and society, but then I read the news about the horrible things happening in France and other places, and in those moments I am glad to retreat to my little bubble, and go walk to the bakery on Wallabout st, truly without a care. For now...


  1. Walking on wallabout to the bakery.. sounds homey...

  2. I know that your last post is over 2 years old but I found it via the other shpitzle blog and have to ask and maybe you'll respond. How are you? I'm a non-Jewish woman living in Queens and, like the woman from your first post, find Chasidic life very interesting (and I think many people from the secular world would agree). I hope all is well with you and your family and you've enjoyed your summer :)